Seeking Out Me

Day #44

Posted in Uncategorized by Tracy on January 21, 2010

Day #44

Since my old company decided to pay for 2 months of COBRA insurance, and since it is slightly better than my husband’s insurance, I decided to fill out the form and take advantage of the opportunity. However, it will only take me until the end of January, so I better get a move on all of my check-ups.

A few weeks ago I was getting out of the shower putting lotion on my back and I felt a lump just right below the left ribs. I hadn’t felt it before. It wasn’t on the other side. I thought maybe a knotted muscle. Then it dawned on me.

Back in October my masseuse was rubbing like crazy to get a knot out of my back. It didn’t feel comfortable and when I asked her what she was doing she told me that she felt a knot that she was trying to get out. But since I wasn’t hurting there, I told her to stop. It wasn’t comfortable and it woke me up out of my daze she had put me in.

So now I am making this connection about this lump in my back must be what she felt a few months ago. But I didn’t even notice that it was there. So today I made an appointment to get it checked out.

The doctor says he thinks it’s a “lipoma” and of course immediately I think cancer. But he doesn’t have that concerned or Dr. Downer look on his face so I’m confused. Turns out it is a tumor, a benign tumor made up of fatty tissue. They are very common. His father has dozens of them.

Fabulous for him. But I still don’t feel at ease with this diagnosis because the big “C” runs in my family like water in the Nile. I wanted a second opinion, but I didn’t quite know how to phrase it.  He noticed the concern on my face and thankfully offered up the idea of having a surgeon look at it if that would make me feel more comfortable. I concur.



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