Seeking Out Me

Day #56

Posted in Uncategorized by Tracy on January 21, 2010

Day 56

Even though I have only started my job search about 14 days ago, I have had 5 phone interviews in the past 2 weeks. Now, I know I have a lot of experience and a lot to offer to the next company I choose to work for, but this process is like being thrown out into the dating pool after being married for 20 years. Translation? No one wants to do it.

The phone interview is something I find quite interesting because depending on who you are talking to could mean the world of difference. For example, if talking to the hiring manager, there is assurance that they can make the recommendation to bring you in for a face-to-face interview and if they do decide to bring you in then they must like you. A plus for you. There is also a chance that you could talk to the recruiter for that hiring manager. If they’ve done their due diligence, they’ve already talked to the hiring manager and know what s/he is exactly looking for in a prime candidate. But if they didn’t then you are kind of left out there on your own to figure out how to dazzle them and lead the discussion. Nothing is worse than an interview made up of a bad series of interview questions.

I don’t mind the phone screen as much as I hate talking to people that have zero interviewing or hiring experience. One would think that a company would want to make sure that hiring managers knew the right questions to ask.  You would think that they would invest in some training.

Some questions I’ve received are questions that I would normally reserve for an “in person” interview. Yet, if I didn’t do that much homework on the company, I am going to blow this question. With as many applicants per job out there these days, looks like I really need to step up my game and do my homework.

But today, on day 56, I’m utilizing my new free time to go to the movies. The Oscars will be here before you know it and I like to make sure I’ve seen most of the ones that have been nominated. Makes it fun for watching it on TiVo on awards night.



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