Seeking Out Me

Day #57

Posted in Uncategorized by Tracy on January 21, 2010

Day #57

Well, the morning started off ripe. I dropped my husband off at work and on the way home I thought it would be fruitful to deposit a few checks into my nonprofit account as well as pick up a few things for dinner. So convenient that there is a bank within the supermarket. Here’s where the day starts to go awry.

I take off my glasses that I use for driving and place them in my jacket pocket. I deposit the checks and then pick up a few items and head to the check out. From there I head over to the other bank in the complex to inquire about a deposit. All is well. I step one foot outside the complex into the parking garage and reach for my car key and my glasses. But, no glasses! Somewhere in the 2000 square feet I just covered, they fell out of my pocket.

I retrace my steps very carefully, squinting to see if I can spot anything that remotely resembles my glasses. I check at the bank, the lost and found at the supermarket and the other bank. I even check with the janitor in the complex who has a dustpan and broom, but to no avail. No one has spotted or swept them up. I am so frazzled because I use these to drive.

So, angry as all hell at myself, I head to the car. I am certain I can make it the 3 or 4 blocks to my house without my glasses and hopefully not run anyone over in the process.

When I get home, I begin to search for the phone number to my eye doctor. Ordinarily these types of things would be stored in my iPhone. However,  since I used my personal phone for work sometimes, when I received my notice  that I was no longer employed, within hours my phone rebooted itself and I had to restore to factory settings. I lost everything. Except that I was smart enough to download my contacts to an excel spreadsheet prior to this happening, so I had most of my contacts but in a spreadsheet stored on a USB drive. Ugh. There was NO WAY I was going to hand type in every one of those contacts. There were thousands. Forget it. I would wait until I got a new job and do it then.

After doing some searching I finally found the phone number to the eye doctor that I went to 18 months ago. He was empathetic which is what I needed. Unfortunately, the frames would not be covered under my Cobra insurance because new frames were only covered every 2 years. The lenses however, would be covered. But that would be only if I went through my Cobra insurance and would only save me $100 in the end. The insurance process would put new glasses in my hands in mid-to-late next week. Or I could pay cash and get them in 2-3 days. Hmmm, the $100 savings weighed against being a hostage in my own home or to be able to drive again, watch movies or television, or see anything more than 10 feet away seems like a small price to pay for expediency. Screw it, even though I am unemployed, paying cash seems like a more viable option given the circumstances.

I hope this is not a sign of how my week is going to unfold.



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