Seeking Out Me

Day #64

Posted in life by Tracy on January 27, 2010

My cell phone woke me up this morning at 8am.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a job lead. It was a call with the American Lung Association for my lung cancer advocacy work that I had scheduled and forgot to put in my calendar. Hate it when I do that. I took the call from my bed.

Following, while still on the phone with my scheduled call, my husband motions to me with his hand the number 5 and mouths five minutes. I look at the clock and suddenly realize that I agreed to drive him to work this morning because of all of the rain. Rats. Now I have to actually get out of my pj’s and get dressed.

I drop him off at work and finish up my call. Now it’s 9:15am and I debated briefly about going back to bed, but I didn’t. I sat down at my dining room table which has become my new “desk” and decided to job hunt. I started out on LinkedIn and applied for a two jobs. Then I made a call to a recruiter that I have been dealing with recently. He tells me that the job that I want is “on hold” for the next quarter. Hmmm… somehow I feel that this is a nice way of telling me we don’t want you.

After I get discouraged by the recruiter I decide to follow up with my past applications by looking up people in my network on LinkedIn that work at these places. I pinged several, we’ll see how that goes. Ugh. This is a lot of work. I think it’s actually more work than an actual job.

In the midst of all of my online job hunting (even though the EDD advises to buy a newspaper), I take a break and take a call from my BFF. She is an educator and she has been getting coaching sessions from a co-worker higher up the chain that she. She told me that today her coach told her that she needs to feed her inner spirit on the job. And what feeds her inner spirit is connecting with kids and teachers on a daily basis.

I thought about it and wondered what would it take to feed my inner spirit. I had a hard time assessing what I needed at first because all I could think of was all of the things that I didn’t want to do. In all of this time off I realized that I don’t want to do advocacy work full-time, I don’t want to work in the health care industry or the banking industry. What I didn’t realize was that within my list of don’ts was my answer to what feeds my inner spirit. Creativity. I need to have a job where I can be creative in some way, whether it’s creating documents, training, a product, a website, something and preferably in a fast paced environment.

The thing about this that I find interesting is that if you would have asked me this last year what fed my spirit I probably would have responded with lung cancer advocacy. But now, it seems that my inner spirit is in need of something else. I think that the advocacy stuff does lend itself to the creativity part of what I need to feed my inner spirit, but it also comes with a boat load of other stuff that I don’t want to sign up for long term.

Ahh, now that I have that figured out, time to find me the right job with the right company.


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  1. Day 84 « Seeking Out Me said, on February 15, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    […] Chock full of valuable seminars, friendly people and good food, I definitely got my monies worth; plus I could walk to it. I pitched my memoir and got a few nibbles but I won’t get excited until it’s actually published.But at least I fed my inner spirit. […]

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