Seeking Out Me

Day 79

Posted in Uncategorized by Tracy on February 10, 2010

Just got back from a cancer conference. It was incredibly successful from what I hear but I only participated for an hour on the first day and an hour on the second day. Why? Because I was recovering from food poisoning. It was awful. To tell the truth, I’m still not 100% but nursing myself back to life slowly.

This weekend I have the SF Writer’s Conference that I am very much looking forward to going to. I will steer clear of any seafood for sure! I might get lucky and some agent might like my pitch and want to publish my book. Or it just might be a learning experience. In whichever case, I am planning on learning a lot and enjoying myself.

Just applied for a job at a banking company through a friend. I believe I am more than qualified to do the job, but we’ll see how it goes. So far, I have yet to get in for a face to face interview anywhere because I am overqualified or I am missing a niche skill. But I am confident and hopeful that the right position will come along at the right time. Keeping it positive.

Looking forward to next Monday night where I get to go to dinner with some people from my last company. That should be a lot of fun!


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