Seeking Out Me

Day 84

Posted in Examiner, life, unemployed, Writer by Tracy on February 15, 2010

Well, in trying to follow the sage advice in one of my previous posts from anotherĀ  blogger to follow my passion, I attended the San Francisco Writer’s Conference this past weekend. It was fantastic and such a more friendly bunch than the nonprofit world that I dabble in.

Chock full of valuable seminars, friendly people and good food, I definitely got my monies worth; plus I could walk to it. I pitched my memoir and got a few nibbles but I won’t get excited until it’s actually published.But at least I fed my inner spirit.

I have continued to look for a job and tomorrow I will blog about my career placement service orientation that my former company gave me as part of my severance package. I am hoping that it will be a way better experience than my EDD visit a couple of weeks ago.

Today I stayed busy and off the heals of the Writer’s conference, inspired to write a couple of columns for my SF Examiner gig.

Here they are in case you missed them.

Tonight, I’m having dinner with some of my former co-workers.


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