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Day 85 – are you kidding me?

Posted in Examiner, life, recruiter, unemployed, Writer by Tracy on February 16, 2010

Last night going out with old co-workers was a blast. I definitely miss them. Such a good group of talented girls.

This morning I checked my inbox to see if anyone was interested in my skills. There was a rejection letter in there from Twitter which I was a bit baffled by. Clearly it was a template rejection which I love getting, but this one said that I was under-qualified which prompted me to send a response. The position was for a Project Manager of Operations. An individual contributor. I don’t think I would have had a problem with the template rejection email if it had said that I was over-qualified . But instead, it said the opposite, which given that I have over 10 years operations project management experience, not to mention that I was the Director of Operations and a PMO at my former company, well, just having a hard time swallowing that rejection. So I wrote them back, and I’ll probably hear from them, but I couldn’t just let the email sit there when it was such a blatant bullshit lie. Under qualified? C’mon. The only way you would think that I was under qualified for a job like that is if you are a twenty-something recruiter who hasn’t a clue what experience looks like.

That being said, this afternoon is my big orientation at Lee Hecht Harrison.  I wonder what their answer will be when I tell them that I can’t even get a job as an individual contributor, even though I have been managing and directing people for almost 10 years.

Jobs applied for to date: 70
Phone interviews: 7 (counting the one I have tomorrow)
Conferences attended: 2

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