Seeking Out Me

Day 87

Posted in FarmVille, life, unemployed by Tracy on February 18, 2010

If someone was to ask me what I do all day with my time and if I am making a good use of it, well, I think that would be up for interpretation.

I get up every day between 8:30-9:00am. I stay in my pajamas until at least noon, sometimes until 3pm.  I try to shower every day, but some days, what’s the point? I mean if no one is going to see me and I haven’t left the house then there really is no point. My stomach clock is way off. I eat lunch around 2pm or 3pm simply because you can’t burn a lot of calories sitting your ass all day in front of a computer.(By the way, I did find another loophole in FarmVille today).

That’s probably my biggest disappointment in myself. At least I could use this time to lose a few pounds and get healthy. I want to work out but between puncturing my foot last Thursday on a plug and my back still healing from the minor lipoma surgery, and getting the food poisoning, I’m just not feeling that up to par. Maybe I can squeeze in a little Wii Fit today.

The sky is gray today so it’s looking like a pajama day. I do have a phone interview tomorrow so looks like I need to do a bit of research on them today. Who knows, my pajama days could be coming to an end soon.

Oh and I sold the remainder of my stock today so I now have $ to get my memoir professionally edited. Woohoo!

Later gator.


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