Seeking Out Me

Day 104 – Rejection

Posted in Examiner, life, Project Management, unemployed, Writer by Tracy on March 8, 2010

I’ve been radio silent because I was hoping to report back good news from my various job interviews last week. I was hoping that no news was good news. But today after I sent an email to follow up with a company, only then did they tell me that they were not going to move forward with me as a candidate. I wonder how long they would have let me wait if I hadn’t followed up with them? In fact, I wonder how many companies are really good about closing out prospective candidates?  I was also told last week that I was over qualified for a job -yet  again. That seems to be my biggest road block. But how to convey that I want to work hard but with less responsibility is tricky.

I have one more iron in the fire, but that didn’t seem promising. At the end of that interview I asked the person if they thought I was a good fit for the job and they seemed leery about my experience.

I also met with my career coach on Friday that my old company generously paid for. I am not sure how she is going to help me but since it is free, I am willing to suck up any information she can give me.  I am meeting with her weekly for the next few weeks and who knows, at the very least maybe I’ll get some material for my Examiner column.

Speaking of which, I am way behind on writing for the Examiner.


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