Seeking Out Me

Day 111

Posted in Uncategorized by Tracy on March 19, 2010

Well, today I was actually showered and out of the house by 9am! Thanks to having to take my hubby to the doctor. I even got the car washed. Then I made an awesome beet and goat cheese salad, had a nibble of it but then had to save room because I was having lunch with my friend Shanan in the Marina. (review at Foodie Fool on Planet Cafe).

I think the coolest thing about Shanan is that she such a free spirit. I love that she’s always so true to herself in every way. We were talking today about cancer and why the U.S. has a higher level of cancer than any other country in the world. (See our theory at my Plusorminusthirty blog). And now I have so much to research. I told her about this documentary on food that I just saw called Food Inc and she said that I need to watch another documentary called The Future of Food which I can watch free on Hulu. Why is it that we are so unaware of where our food comes from and unconscious of what we put in our  bodies with all that we know? I just submitted an article to the NYTimes and the SF Chronicle and hope that they pick it up. If not, it’ll be on my main blog for Monday and I’ll add a link here too.


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