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Day 110 – Point Break Live! in SF

Posted in Point Break, San Francisco by Tracy on March 15, 2010

Okay, it’s safe to admit that we were the oldest people there! Essentially it was a live performance of the movie Point Break (1991), but the twist is that they had people audition for Keanu Reeve’s part and it was very interactive with audience participation throughout.

A woman, that looked very much like Katherine Bigelow (played by Sharon Rylander) greeted us and held auditions for “Johnny Utah” on stage. A swarm of twenty-somethings rushed the stage to get their 15 minutes of fame and after 3 audition tests, one lucky guy, Chad, landed the role with his stellar line of “Are we gonna jump or jerk off” while doing jumping jacks. I have to say that Chad played a pretty good Keanu. Ironically, his interests were music, surfing and homo-erotic theater. 

It was not an outing for the average theater goer. At check-in the cast handed you a little baggie with a poncho and some fake money. If you were too proud to put on your poncho then you were an idiot because the first 4 rows got soaked with water, fake blood and other spooge. We were lucky enough to be sitting in the 5th row but we still got wet. There was a 15 minute intermission where all of the theater-goers got more alcohold to drink and munchies to satiate their reefer munchies.  All in all, a $28 experience worth seeing if you like live interactive theater.

The grossest ex-president bank robber extraordinaire was played by Ryan Verzaal (who played Grommet).  The most memorable performance was by James Cotner (who played Pappas). Not only did he sound like him, but he looked like a younger version of the real Pappas. And of course, Chad was awesome thanks to Cue Card Girl (played by Callie Rickey).

For more on the SF Cast:

The show plays in L.A., S.F., and Chicago. Check it out if you can.