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Unemployment Freedom Feels like Retirement

Gosh, I have not posted here in a very long while. Why? Well, I’ve been busy. I’ve been busy tweeting, blogging on other networks, finishing up my book, doing research for my next book, working on a documentary, freelance writing, running a nonprofit, helping other nonprofits with social media and looking for a job. I’m doing lunches, dinners, coffees and I’m now working out so I’m no longer getting fat from all of that social networking. In fact, I’ve lost 5 pounds with my new regimen. Woohoo!

Well, I’m happy to report that I have 3 job irons in the fire and they are very very hot. I am confident that I will be working very soon. All 3 are very cool companies, but all very different, each one touching one  of my inner passions. I realized a few months ago that landing a job is important, but landing a job that is enjoyable is even more important to me. I’d much rather hold out for the right gig, rather than just take a job just to get paid.

I have finished my experimental blog on 99 Days on FarmVille. And I’m amazed at how popular it was (22,000 hits and still going). Just insane. You can read my last blog post which was my assessment of the game and some recommendations for Mark Pincus and his Zynga team. I am glad that is over because the game and the blog were a huge time suck.

My time off has been extremely rewarding. It almost feels like retirement. I’ve been able to work out more, eat healthier, be less stressed because I am no longer making a 75 minute commute each way every day and get back in touch with so many people, it’s been great. Oh, and my house is super organized. I’ve also discovered a new passion for “dates” the fruit. They truly are nature’s candy.

Could I get used to being unemployed? Probably not. I like to keep busy which is why I’m dabbling in a bunch of things right now that are my passions. It is so rewarding to work with people that are aligned with your same goals and interests.

But as I get closer to finding a job, I realize that my time off is about to come to an end. So I better go schedule some pampering for myself. Some last cathartic indulgence. 😉

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Day 146 – Contest, documentary and a lady who lunches

Posted in Consulting, contest, job search, Lost, Lunch, San Francisco, Writer by Tracy on April 21, 2010

Today, on the agenda is lunch with a former boss. I definitely feel like a lady who lunches and I need to start working out more often or I’m going to become a blimp with all of these lunches. For a person who is unemployed, I certainly eat well. Tomorrow I have yet another lunch, but it’s more of a social lunch rather than a networking lunch and will probably involve a cocktail or two. And on Friday, I am taking myself to lunch to eat at Naked Lunch – a new lunch place that is screaming my name when I heard the words ‘foie gras sandwich!’ Look for the review on late Friday.

I have started research on my documentary project with my friends which involves researching the history of the FDA. I’m reading Inside the FDA right now. Fascinating stuff. I’m also gathering research and interview candidates for my next book on the world of nonprofits. If you know of anyone who could add some value to my book on nonprofits, leave a comment to contact me or you can go to my website right now where I am hosting a contest. Tell me about your most disappointing nonprofit experience and you will be entered to win a book and a $25 gift card to the nonprofit of your choice. I am essentially looking for experiences that are good/or bad and expectations that were met/or not met.  Would be great if you can go on record, but if not, I can work around that.

I am also offering a webinar to nonprofits to teach them about social media. I am doing my first one on May 3rd and a second one by request on May 4th. If you know of any nonprofit that is interested, forward them my site. If they mention that they heard about it from this site (Seeking Out Me), I’ll take $20 off the fee for the class offered on May 3rd.

Number of resumes submitted to date: 127

Hoping a consulting gig comes around soon.

p.s. LOST is so disappointing this year. I need ANSWERS!

Day 87

Posted in FarmVille, life, unemployed by Tracy on February 18, 2010

If someone was to ask me what I do all day with my time and if I am making a good use of it, well, I think that would be up for interpretation.

I get up every day between 8:30-9:00am. I stay in my pajamas until at least noon, sometimes until 3pm.  I try to shower every day, but some days, what’s the point? I mean if no one is going to see me and I haven’t left the house then there really is no point. My stomach clock is way off. I eat lunch around 2pm or 3pm simply because you can’t burn a lot of calories sitting your ass all day in front of a computer.(By the way, I did find another loophole in FarmVille today).

That’s probably my biggest disappointment in myself. At least I could use this time to lose a few pounds and get healthy. I want to work out but between puncturing my foot last Thursday on a plug and my back still healing from the minor lipoma surgery, and getting the food poisoning, I’m just not feeling that up to par. Maybe I can squeeze in a little Wii Fit today.

The sky is gray today so it’s looking like a pajama day. I do have a phone interview tomorrow so looks like I need to do a bit of research on them today. Who knows, my pajama days could be coming to an end soon.

Oh and I sold the remainder of my stock today so I now have $ to get my memoir professionally edited. Woohoo!

Later gator.

Day 86

Posted in Examiner, life, unemployed, Writer by Tracy on February 18, 2010

I woke up this morning rather earlier than usual. Yesterday at my career center thingy, it was insightful and gave me a lot of ideas for my SF Examiner Career Coach articles.

I also connected with a bunch of folks who have lost their jobs after 20-30 years. Wow, and I thought 10 was a long time. Can you imagine getting laid off after being at a company for 29 years? Talk about having an identity crisis. I cannot even imagine what that must feel like.

I had a phone interview today and I am setting up another one with another company for tomorrow or Friday. My calendar is filling up! Well, my social calendar anyway. Next week I have a fundraiser meeting, a writing critique group meeting, an American Cancer Society leadership council meeting and dinner with my mother-in-law for her birthday.Busy, busy, busy. Imagine if I had a job!

I started a Bay Area Writers Group on Linkedin yesterday if you are interested and a writer, editor or publisher, you should join.

I have decided to get a professional editor for my memoir. Hope to send it out next week. Woohoo! Things are moving a long.

Until tomorrow…

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Day 85 – are you kidding me?

Posted in Examiner, life, recruiter, unemployed, Writer by Tracy on February 16, 2010

Last night going out with old co-workers was a blast. I definitely miss them. Such a good group of talented girls.

This morning I checked my inbox to see if anyone was interested in my skills. There was a rejection letter in there from Twitter which I was a bit baffled by. Clearly it was a template rejection which I love getting, but this one said that I was under-qualified which prompted me to send a response. The position was for a Project Manager of Operations. An individual contributor. I don’t think I would have had a problem with the template rejection email if it had said that I was over-qualified . But instead, it said the opposite, which given that I have over 10 years operations project management experience, not to mention that I was the Director of Operations and a PMO at my former company, well, just having a hard time swallowing that rejection. So I wrote them back, and I’ll probably hear from them, but I couldn’t just let the email sit there when it was such a blatant bullshit lie. Under qualified? C’mon. The only way you would think that I was under qualified for a job like that is if you are a twenty-something recruiter who hasn’t a clue what experience looks like.

That being said, this afternoon is my big orientation at Lee Hecht Harrison.  I wonder what their answer will be when I tell them that I can’t even get a job as an individual contributor, even though I have been managing and directing people for almost 10 years.

Jobs applied for to date: 70
Phone interviews: 7 (counting the one I have tomorrow)
Conferences attended: 2

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Day # 66

Posted in life by Tracy on January 29, 2010

Today I had a little minor surgery. I had a (hopefully) benign lipoma taken out of my back. I figured may as well go to the doctor and get all of my stuff checked out while my old company is paying for the COBRA. It’s the least I can do to thank them for letting me go.

Luckily for me, I will have insurance from my husband’s company starting on February 1st.

Procedure was easy-peasy and only 40 minutes. Now I’m on vicodin. Good stuff. Should be up and about tomorrow and back on my feet by Saturday.

Number of resumes submitted:  still at 60, but have followed up with a number of people on LinkedIn. Yesterday I went back and looked at all of the jobs that I had applied to and tried to find anyone I knew at those places through Linkedin connections. Found a few. We shall see.

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